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Bangalore, Karnataka | Posted on 16/02/2024

UI/UX Designer (Web and Mobile)

Salary Range: 1.8 - 5 LPA
Job Description:

We are seeking a talented and creative UI/UX Designer to join our team, specializing in both web and mobile application design. Whether you’re an experienced designer or a fresh graduate with a strong portfolio, we welcome individuals who are passionate about crafting intuitive and visually appealing user experiences. This position offers the opportunity to work on exciting projects and collaborate with cross-functional teams in our Bangalore or Hubli office locations.

Roles and Responsibilities:
  1. UI/UX Design:
  • Create user-centric designs for web and mobile applications, focusing on usability, accessibility, and aesthetics.
  • Develop wireframes, mockups, and prototypes to communicate design concepts and interactions effectively.
  1. User Research:
  • Conduct user research and gather feedback to understand user needs, preferences, and pain points.
  • Utilize insights from user testing and analytics to iterate and improve the design solutions.
  1. Responsive Design:
  • Ensure seamless user experiences across various devices and screen sizes by implementing responsive design principles.
  • Optimize designs for both desktop and mobile platforms to deliver consistent and engaging experiences.
  1. Collaboration:
  • Collaborate closely with product managers, developers, and other stakeholders to translate business requirements into compelling design solutions.
  • Participate in brainstorming sessions, design reviews, and cross-functional meetings to contribute ideas and insights.
  1. Prototyping and Testing:
  • Build interactive prototypes using tools like Adobe XD, Figma, or Sketch to simulate user interactions and validate design concepts.
  • Conduct usability testing sessions to gather feedback and iterate on designs based on user insights.
  1. Visual Design:
  • Create visually stunning graphics, icons, and illustrations that enhance the overall look and feel of the applications.
  • Maintain consistency in branding, typography, and colour schemes to establish a cohesive visual identity.


  • Strong portfolio showcasing UI/UX design projects for both web and mobile platforms.
  • Proficiency in design tools such as Adobe Creative Suite and Figma.
  • Knowledge of design principles, typography, colour theory, and layout techniques.
  • Understanding of user-centered design processes and methodologies.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to articulate design decisions and rationale.
  • Ability to work independently and manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Fresh graduates with a passion for design and a strong portfolio are encouraged to apply.

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